About Skynet

Skynet began in a small office in Hong Kong. From the beginning the Company focused on high standards and to maintain a professional attitude throughout, this continues to set it apart from other suppliers today.

Skynet is a company that thrives on innovation. Since its beginnings in fall ’99, the Company has gone from strength to strength, in order to provide a complete solution for its customers, offering integration of the latest technologies and consultancy services into your organisation.

We are able to provide consultancy services, installation, training and support on networks and systems alike, further providing its customers with a complete solution for all challenges.

Skynet is renowned for both the quality of its services, the excellence of its customer service, and it continues to keep on top of the ever changing IT market, to give the best available solution and value to our customers.

Skynet believes in post sales support and long-term business relationships, which is why we are always giving our existing customers the best value.

Address Details

Skynet Corporation Limited

Office: 9/F, Java Commercial Centre, 128 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong SAR, Peoples Republic of China

Tel: (852) 2898 0680

Fax: (852) 2898 0989

Sales Enquiry Email: sales [at] skynet [.] com [.] hk

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